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Personally i couldn't cope with this and would be beyond devastated if my boyfriend did this to me. I would suggest that this would only be okay if both partners agreed to it willingly (not forced/talked round/convinced).But in my opinion even then you are still playing with fire.I also wouldn't be happy if my OH was sending pictures or on webcam but I honestly don't think a bit of roleplay between two faceless strangers who are never likely to meet can be classed as cheating.

No it's not acceptable, you've got to have trust in a relationship and if I ever saw inappropriate conversations on my husbands phone it would be the last thing he ever did.Each to their own but I'd not be able to deal with this at all x Hmm...So how is it any different really to you or your partner reading and getting carried away with your mind inside a smutty book, like the 50 Shades series and similar?I'm a bloke so maybe we think differently, but a dirty book doesn't seem much different, you're still not going to meet the character in the book, and all the fantasy is in your mind.

Because it's two people engaging and creating their own private sexual fantasy not one person reading someone else's version of it. If you've entered an exclusive relationship your body and sexual thoughts/desires should be reserved only for that person.

Internet sex addiction, also known as cybersex addiction, has been proposed as a sexual addiction characterized by virtual Internet sexual activity that causes serious negative consequences to one's physical, mental, social, and/or financial well-being.

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