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One explanation for this disparity is that violent crime is much more common in the US, putting police in more situations in which the use of force is necessary.As data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shows, the US homicide rate throughout the 2000s was nearly four times the rate of Canada, more than four times that of the UK, nearly six times that of Australia, and more than 10 times that of Germany.According to the American Civil Liberties Union, the officers’ failure to turn on their cameras violates Minneapolis police policy, which has been in place for body cameras since at least 2016.In particular, policy 4-223 says that officers should manually activate their cameras “prior to any use of force.This means that conflicts — not just between police and civilians but between civilians — are more likely to escalate into deadly, violent encounters.The research bears this out: More guns lead to more gun violence.The shooting is under investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).Investigators reportedly interviewed Harrity on Tuesday, but Noor has reportedly declined to be interviewed.

In a statement on Monday, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau said she’s “asked for the investigation to be expedited to provide transparency and to answer as many questions as quickly as we can.” The shooting raises several questions: Why weren’t the officers’ body cameras on?If a [body-worn camera] is not activated prior to a use of force, it shall be activated as soon as it is safe to do so.” It also says that officers should turn on their cameras during “any contact involving criminal activity,” “any contact that is, or becomes adversarial,” and “any citizen contact.” All of these rules indicate that the cameras should have been rolling before police shot Damond.But it’s one thing to have these rules on their books and another to get officers to actually follow them.The shooting quickly received international attention, because Damond is from Australia and was set to be married soon.

Damond’s family in Australia is now demanding a federal investigation into the shooting.

In 2015, US police shot and killed 97 people just in March.

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