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At the outset, consolidation can save money by eliminating duplicate positions and combining such support services as transportation and maintenance.Positions eliminated commonly include one district superintendent and his/her administrative staff, one athletic director, one curriculum director, one business manager, and so on.

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But this windfall is temporary, and it applies only when an original entity was receiving less than the state “foundation grant” and, relative to a district’s total budget, comprises only a small amount of revenue.Although there has not been a school district consolidation in Michigan in more than 10 years, they once were common.Since the early 1900s, school district mergers have reduced the number of school districts in Michigan by 92 percent, bringing the current number to 562 (including K–6 and K–8 districts.).Still others find that savings depend on the size of the schools that consolidate, with smaller schools benefiting more than others.

Public Sector Consultants believes that the net savings or costs of merging depend on the circumstances of the districts considering the consolidation; automatic savings cannot be assumed.

They further believe that it improves education, because with more students there can be a broader curriculum with more specialized courses.

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