Dating a japanese man

However, regardless of that, me and my Japanese boyfriend have been together for a long time now, so, I will share some of the things that I discovered with my personal experience in dating a Japanese.As we all know intercultural relationship can face a lot of challenges and issues.After all, no relationship is perfect and perfection is boring!Anime, J-music, J-fashion, the kawaii cult, and the Land of the Rising Sun--more and more women around the world have an ever-growing interest in Japan.However, those particular traits and characteristics are part of what my boyfriend is now, so the only choice I have now is to understand and accept it as a part of loving him.

There will always be interesting things when it comes to cultural differences, throughout the course of a relationship, some are challenging, some are exciting, while others can be more difficult to deal with.This is where your knowledge of Japanese should kick in.Approach senpai (or kouhai, for that matter) with the most suave ano, sumimasen… In college for example, you have plenty of options--try asking them where can you find a particular classroom (if you’re lucky, he might even walk you to it) or how can you get into the club he’s in (clubs are a big thing in Japanese universities, so you can never go wrong with that).If you’re feeling more adventurous, go for the "textbook" method.

Ask them to kindly explain a certain passage or decipher a kanji compound you don’t understand.

My boyfriend works 12 hours a day which is basically half of the whole day, and with only one day off.

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