Dating gibsoneb2

I did put a bit of solder on the EB2 E string after I strung it up to ensure it wouldn't unravel.Gibson’s model EB-2 was the four string semi-hollow cousin of the Es-335.This sound will be I use short or medium scale strings, but I have used long scale too. I've heard that long scale strings on a short scale can endure stress around the tuning key post; the silk windings that end can prevent this, but if you get a too long string, you'll need to cut that end off. The twisted, lumpy area where the ball end attaches to the string.The intonation problems will only occur if the silk winding at either end go over the saddle or nut. But the string s are a little bit bigger at the end the string near (near the ball end). This extends perhaps an inch past the ball end on average, whether covered by silk or not.You won't hear any "bite" if this is a single pickup model, (can't tell from the pics if it's an EB-2 or an EB-2D) a mudbucker isn't capable of producing any real highs, but roundwounds will give you some clarity.If its an EB-2D, you will notice a big difference with roundwounds. Rounds will give you something different from flats, true, but most EB2 players get the EB2 because they crave that dubby EB sound.There are a few spots of buckle-rash on the back of the body.