Final fantasy dating sim cheat

Addition by Kilmar Submitted by: IGN Staff The Black Belt may seem weak at first, but when you get him to level 10, watch his attack STR sky rocket! His ability to absorb attacks is always equal to his level, unless he has armor equipped.The Black Belt's DMG rating is always equal to double his current level, unless he has a weapon equipped. So when you get him to level 50, his rating will be 50, which is pretty good considering that the highest even a Knight can reach is 74.They come in packs of 3 to 6, and also yield a good supply of gold.Submitted by: IGN Staff When you fight Kraken, just use Lit3 over and over again and he'll be fried in no time.They are both level 8 magic, and can only be learned by the wizard of a matching color.The date mechanics are a gameplay element in Final Fantasy VII.After you acquire the Mystic Key, you can enter the treasure room. Stepping in front of each one will always trigger a fight, usually with Mummy or Image enemies as your opponents.If you have Harm2 and Fire2 spells, you can defeat them without much difficulty.

) He is in the Upper-left corner of town, by the graveyard.On this bridge, it is possible to encounter and fight a powerful enemy that is even stronger than Tiamat. It has 1200 HP, and can cast some mean spells such as Nuke. Keep sailing south and you should get attacked by KYSOKUS, the blue pirates.If you encounter the enemy, use your strongest spells and strategies to survive. These will always attack you if you follow this process, allowing you to earn 2000gp in about 4-5 fights.The Black Belt/Master is the best physical character to have, in other words.

Submitted by: IGN Staff For quick experience near the beginning of the game, go to Astos Castle.

Check one of them and it will say, "Here lies Link." Some of you may be familiar with the name.