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It will make people aware of the possibilities, price points and what they need to do to have an electric vehicle.In the long-term, we will have digital short-range communication radios in 3,000 vehicles that can connect vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure. DOT is interested to see what environment moves goods, services and people faster and more efficiently.

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He wants to transplant a version of the science festival he helped the Franklin develop.Noni Banks, The Diva Movement | George Barrett, Cardinal Health | Frederic Bertley, COSI | Adam Benner, Land-Grant Brewing Co.| Joelle Brock, Leading EDJE | Kumar Buvanendaran, Prime AE Group Inc.He spent five years in Chicago, but prior to that was deputy director of the Columbus Department of Development. MS: Year one has been a lot of work around developing the foundation, so when we put the 15 U. DOT projects out on the street, so to speak, they are thoughtful and meaningful to the community.

In the near term, American Electric Power, a significant partner, is doing a lot around grid modernization, renewable energy, as well as investing in charging infrastructure.

Bertley wasn’t planning to leave Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, but COSI impressed him when it hosted an Association of Science and Technology Centers conference in 2012.