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Clemson University has suspended activities for all 24 of the student fraternities following reports ranging from alcohol abuse to sexual misconduct, days after a fraternity member died and was found in the water under a bridge, and four years after the university did virtually the same thing for similar problems The death of Tucker Hipps has not been tied to hazing, according to Oconee County Sheriff's deputies.Hipps was found in the water under a bridge after fraternity brothers said he fell behind on an early morning run.The policy would allow campus police to conduct a search of a fraternity or sorority house without a warrant if they give 24 hours notice, unless they suspect imminent danger, in which case they could raid the building immediately.Prosecutors defend plea deal for alleged Indiana U rapist If a Greek house does not sign a contract agreeing to the new policy, they will lose their university affiliation and will be barred from participating in campus activities, according to WTHR.

Woman who says ex-Indiana frat boy raped her sues school, frat Some students who spoke to WTHR admit that partying is a problem at their school, but that not everyone in the Greek system are bad apples. The Bloomington, Ind., school is instituting a new policy this year that will allow IU police to raid public areas and even private rooms of fraternity and sorority houses in order to weed out illegal drinking and drug use.WTHR reported that this is the most drastic measure the university has taken in its effort to rein in rampant partying in the unruly Greek system.No one returned calls and emails asking for comment from the North-American Interfraternity Conference, and a University of South Carolina media staffer was not able to return with comments.

Oconee County deputies said Wednesday that there is no evidence that Hipps' death was a result of hazing, but they are still trying to piece together what happened.

One of the frats, Alpha Tau Omega, closed after shocking video surfaced showing a member performing oral sex on an exotic dancer as dozens of shirtless brothers cheered him on.