Gridview1rowupdating not working

Fill(ds); //Here you can do any modification to the selected data ds.Private sexvidoe chat free without membership [RESOLVED] Updating a row in a gridview - For example (I suppose you bind Grid View with Sql Data Source): Protected Sub Gridview1_Row Updating(sender As Object, e As Gridview Update Event Args) Sql Data Source1.The thing that's really confusing me is that when I set a breakpoint and go through the code line by line, it looks as though it's working.Hi all I have a questions that looks hard / complex to me, and i know you can help me in this.The textbox is visible when the gridview is in "edit mode", and the label is visible when the gridview is in "normal mode" 2) When I place a breakpoint in the rowupdating method, it looks like the values are changed as I would expect them to be.

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As I mentioned before the user input is reflected in the updated Gridview - just not the appended "1111".