Johnny depp and angelina jolie dating

The Hollywood duo first met in 2010 when they co-starred in The Tourist in Venice, and at the time Brad Pitt was said to be jealous she could fall for him, with them both attracted to each other’s dark, mysterious character and wild streak.Following Brad and Angelina’s shock divorce in 2016 they’ve become closer than ever and insiders told US magazine in recent weeks things have secretly turned romantic. Johnny and Angelina never looked at each other romantically despite their on-screen chemistry when they worked together.

According to sources close to the Pirates of the Caribbean star he's 'doing much better,' adding, 'He's more focused and happier.'Depp recently hired a new management team to handle his finances after it emerged that he is $40million in debt.The report also says that the Brangelina kids are referring the Pirates of the Caribbean actor "Papa Johnny".The report further added, "Brad will go berserk when he finds out that Angie's replaced him with Johnny." It also mentioned that Angelina reached out to Depp after their divorce.The stars are promoting their movie and possibility of them seen together in public is visible."Though the French actress denied it and mentioned Pitt as a professional actor who is only committed to his role and the movie they are doing together.

Though the Jolie and Pitt have separated their ways, the fight for their children's custody is still in the court and its decision will be the final say on this matter.

They’ve been having steamy meet ups on the sly for about a month.” The couple are reported to have been stealing away to Johnny’s private island in the Bahamas and are even thinking of making a trip to her private getaway in Cambodia.