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It appears that the former Kid Cudi girlfriend stated that one magazine is always posting articles about her and that it should stop because they are not true and she is not happy with their content.Also Kid, her former man is always mentioned by the magazine also and when she wanted to make her point she started to refer to him.There are plenty of rumors but nothing is based on real facts.Thus he has had women in his life that were called as Kid Cudi girlfriend.It appears that the former Kid Cudi girlfriend states that his best pictures are nothing compared to hers.Further Amanda Bynes was called as Kid Cudi girlfriend in 2010 when she was linked to him after she made interesting posts on her account about liking chocolate more than vanilla and that she is getting a lot of attention from one guy that knows how to love her body and that this is a wonderful experience for her.We’re hoping this one’s not true — if only because Baratta is way “hotta” than But-Her-Face Bynes.

Thus she states that she is not doing anything wrong and the former Kid Cudi girlfriend notes that people should stop blaming her for things that are not wrong.He has also collaborated with several prominent artists in the music industry, such as King Chip and Jhené Aiko, among others.Oladipo Omishore is from the Brooklyn borough of New York City.In 2004, Omishore created a studio in his basement with equipment bought by his parents and would later call it "Head Banga Muzik Studios." After gaining attention for his production, he decided to change locations to the Brewery Recording Studio.

In May 2009, Da Genius partnered up with Andrew Krivonos, owner of Brewery Recording Studio, and helped move the studio to North Brooklyn in a new facility.

The song took a total of two days to complete, from the instrumental being made to the track's final arrangements.

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