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But they seem to agree on one thing: Sex doesn't have to stop just because you get older. We conducted the interviews ahead over the course of several months, culminating with an original shoot in Los Angeles.Click through to hear what these incredible women had to say, and stick around until the end to see them in a video that's so good, it might break the internet.And it wasn’t that they were horrible people; it was that that’s what the society was teaching."Did that influence the way you viewed your sexuality? There were absolutely no role models — all I knew was male and female, and I thought that’s the way I was supposed to fit into that." What was your experience of coming out while married to a man? There was no question about it, I loved being married and being at home, and also having my kids around me. He was very badly burned by his divorce and just doesn’t want to be in that situation again, so I’m honoring his decision. "Would you say that orgasms feel different at this point in your life? As for my understanding of it: I was actually very precocious as a child, and if my mother knew what I was doing with a mirror in the bathroom, I just don’t know what would happen.

Our mothers and grandmothers pioneered the sexual revolution, but now we, their collective daughters, actually havevery little idea of what they struggle with and what they delight in when it comes to sex and relationships. What do I have to look forward to, and what should I be aware of as I get older?But I’ve learned that I am a sexual individual, active, so if I meet someone that’s not, that would be a red flag for me… So as I’ve grown, I’ve grown to know that just because I’m good with one person doesn’t mean I’m necessarily good with another person.It has to be something you talk about."I had to learn what is it that pleased the individual, and different women like different kinds of things.My mother was ill mentally, and my father was gone, and so I just took care of the family and did what I did for me." , my darling!

I’ve had maybe five or six girlfriends since breaking up with my ex, but, oh, I love to date, I’m always going out on dates." How do you meet the women you date?

Willing to enjoy your body, enjoy his body, explore what you like, explore what he likes. Don’t worry about things you can’t control, because it’s a waste of time. You have to be with somebody who cares for you deeply. I have rhythm.""You can be 16, 20, or you can be 90. Free of judgment."Phyllis went from realizing that she was attracted to women while in the nascent stages of a young heterosexual marriage to becoming one of the first members of the Lesbian Sex Mafia and a regular in the BDSM scene.

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