Rules to dating an intj

Anything they can do themselves they will do because they are loathe to seek assistance from people.They simply like feeling control over their lives and circumstances and would like to think that they could independently resolve any issue or problem they are confronted with if they absolutely had to.The primary function of a “scientist” is introverted intuition.This individual gathers information and then processes the data in a manner that is more abstract than fact-based.They know that doing everything themselves is not always the most efficient option or best use of their time, but they embrace the challenge as a means of expanding the range of their abilities.

INTJs generally have little to no interest in frivolous mingling but how people perceive or interpret this is their business, INTJs however are highly judgemental and consequently may be very disapproving of much of what they observe about human behavior.

Whatever path they take professionally, INTJs pride themselves on the level of expertise and knowledge they acquire surrounding a subject.