Updating firmware on blackberry pearl

The way it looks now, we're STILL going to have to WAIT another few months before we get any updates.And if you're using an older Black Berry, you are out of luck..to upgrade!For BES customers, you will see the updates when your IT department upgrades.For BIS customers, you'll need to wait until your carrier upgrades their servers before getting the update.

With OS v4.3 addressing the majority of the handheld updates above (this is the OS version now shipping on the Pearl 8130), version 4.5 brings even more updates to the handheld and MANY on the server side. Back to Top These versions of Black Berry Device Software contain the new DST table to support the new transition times so no action is required.See these tables for a list of current service providers, Black Berry device models and versions that fall into this category.That’s a legitimate claim as long as you are using the item for the purpose for which it was intended. There is no point claiming that paint thinner has had adverse effects if it is not being used as paint thinner!