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Subsequently, his relationship with Aishwarya died, along with his career.Hi, I think Mrs Bachchan is the best person to answer the question.An X-ray revealed that she had suffered a hair-line fracture in her ankle. Four days after the accident, Aishwarya stunned Bollywood by issuing a public statement saying that Salman had made her life hell.In the statement, she alleged that Salman had abused her physically, scarred her mentally and was still hounding her to star in a movie with him. She issued the statement from the hospital bed through her manager Hari Singh.It was most damning statement against any Bollywood hero.Salman retreated into his shell following the statement; close friends state that after this incident he swore that he will never try to get in touch with her again. Vivek Oberoi spent the next seven years saying sorry to Salman Khan who was in no mood to accept his apology.

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Yuvraj Singh is apparently dating actor Vivek Oberoi's ex-girlfriend Grace.Within a month of this incident, there will come the biggest blow on Salman Khan that will finally force him to severe all ties with Aishwarya.Also, the incident will ensure that he will completely withdraw from Aishwarya and set her free.The Telugu action drama will reportedly also star Ram Charan, in the lead role.