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com / homemade-lotion-recipes /, that offers recipes and tip on making your own soaps. Looking the site over, there are quite a few spam listings, questionable listings, and flat out scam listings. com / girls-let-him-but-dont-expect-it /, another click farming operation. com / speed / (my blog address) promises to show you how fast your website loads compared to others near you. com / dpqawtza delivers scantily clad women and promises of porn. I wonder if this was once a real site that got taken over by hackers or by a new owner? Would you want to go to a place of higher learning that resorts to spamming? You look a little green, however we are only at the halfway point of the meal! Yeah, they even culled login text from other sites and put it in the body. com / ditches the bimbos but keeps the same recipe of mixing everything possible. If you don’t like that, how about a milder version? In fact, they put it in a blender so that sections of sentences don’t match. Also to be found are musings on whatever I am thinking about - all from the point of view of being left to watch everything from the sidelines of life.

Though Google and Microsoft have made targeting spammers world wide a priority the last couple of years, the spam still keeps coming.

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